Training simulators

Originally started in 1977 with two simulators – one each for power plants with pressurized water and boiling water reactors – we today run 7 plant-specific simulators for 9 nuclear power plants. The simulators are almost identical replica of their reference power plants with respect to the control room.

Our Training Simulators were developed on the Basis of state-of-the-art power plant and Simulator Technology and meet the ANSI/ANS-3.5-2009 Standard “Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for Use in Operator Training and Examination”.

Reactor type Simulator of Power Plant Power Output Training since Producer
PWR Emsland
Neckarwestheim 2
1.406 MW
1.400 MW
since 1996 Siemens
GSE Systems/USA
PWR Isar 2 1.485 MW since 2007 KSG/GfS
PWR Grohnde 1.430 MW since 2012 KSG/GfS
PWR Borssele 515 MW since 1997 Thomson, Frankreich