Energie-Campus Deilbachtal

The Center of Excellence
of the German and International Power Industry

KWS Energy Knowledge eG is generously equipped to offer ample space for all kinds of events. It functions as a Training site and convention center for the Energie-Campus Deilbachtal. Our house is a hub for the transfer of knowledge as well as a meeting-place. We have been your dependable partner for 58 years and will keep serving you with a wide range of future-oriented offerings. KWS will continue to prove its capability as part of the Energie-Campus.

VGB PowerTech e.V. is the European technical association for electricity and heat generation. VGB coordinates the technical interests of its member and focuses on the exchange of professional experience as well as application oriented services for optimising economy, technical and occupational safety, health and environmental protection. VGB PowerTech adds its substantial range of expertise in all electricity and heat generation issues to the Energie-Campus Deilbachtal’s network.

The Simulator Center of KSG|GfS is responsible for the centralized training of operating personnel from all German nuclear power plants and one from the Netherlands. The simulator center has been evolving into an interbranch provider of professional behaviour training. As part of the Energie-Campus Deilbachtal, KSG|GfS meets the challenges of the energy market, offering its international clients individualized training, engineering and consulting in various areas of competence for enhanced safety and efficient processes.