Human Factors

We are aware of the technical competence of your personnel, yet how well do they interact with colleagues and supervisors or clients? Besides professional expertise, behavioural competence is a vital aspect that contributes to high work quality and safety.

With this in mind, we, together with Kraftwerkschule e.V., developed the HPO-Training (Human Performance Optimisation-Training). This training provides tools for the professional conduct of your employees during technical work. During the training, the focus is on

  • Work conduct of individuals and in the team
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Control and surveillance activities on site.

As a second pillar of the behaviour training we offer seminars for specialized and executive personnel. These seminars are specially tailored to the needs of the participants regarding content and teaching methods. Topics are for example safe communication, expertise in conversation techniques, structured decision-making and leadership behaviour.