HPO training equipment

We offer two varieties of the HPO-Training:

  • Stationary at the simulator centre (“HPO 1”)

Here you receive a full package in an established training facility.

We use warm water systems as procedural training establishment, which can be operated separately, parallel or selectively according to the mode of operation. The electric components are operated from a spatially divided control centre – this serves to practice safe communication via telephone.

The training facilities are equipped with a separate trainer area. From there, the participants’ behaviour can be monitored via audio / video transmission.

  • Mobile on site (“HPO 2”)

This way you can minimize absence and travel costs of your personnel and offer your participants training in familiar surroundings.

Our mobile training facility consists of two modules, which we gladly bring to you.

One module is a warm water system with heat exchanger and air circulation system, the other module is a water purification system as used in power stations and chemical industries.

If required, we design individual system entities or whole training facilities together with you, which are tailored to your requirements.