Quality Policy

Our customers and partners are important to us.

We know the requirements and wishes of our customers very well and want to fulfil them in our cooperation; ideally, however, we want to exceed them. Satisfied customers can contribute to ongoing cooperation.

Interested groups such as suppliers, competitors, guests and neighbours are treated by us as partners; we enquire about their needs and fulfil them as far as possible.

The company’s management orients itself on the different expectations and the market situation, and formulates more reasonable business objectives and specifies suitable measures to achieve these objectives whilst evaluating opportunities and risks. Status and effect­iveness of the measures are evaluated on a regular basis. Corrections are made if necessary.

The processes of our company are process-oriented and are therefore structured, efficient, controlled and can be repeated reliably. Experience learned and changing conditions are again and again used as a reason to take a critical look at processes, to utilise possible improvement­s and to reduce risks even further.

Adjusted courses and actions for the individual staff groups ensure the extension of professional and social skill. Guided cooperation and targeted documentation ensure and reinforce the knowledge of the company.

Our company meets the legal and official requirements applicable at the location, the requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and the requirements laid down in the quality management System. We value this syst­em as a resilient foundation for future challenges.

Our quality managemen­t system is certified and is subject to annual monitoring by the certification authority. This prevents any decrease in quality, ensuring the constant development and improvement.

This quality policy obliges every employee of KSG/GfS to meet all the requirements mentioned.