Reactor Glass Model

At the Simulator Centre of KSG|GfS, the worldwide unique reactor glass model demonstrates complex thermal hydraulic phenomena in an extremely hands-on manner. In our forty years of experience in classroom teaching and practical trainings, the efficiency of this unique teaching tool has proven superior to any other didactic means.

The reactor glass model is a reproduction of a two-loop pressurized water reactor (Siemens/KWU design) at a scale of 1:10. It allows visualizations of operational procedures, incidents and accidents as well as thermal hydraulic effects in a lightwater reactor. All the phenomena visible in the reactor glass model have occurred in real nuclear power plants. At the reactor glass model, seeing is understanding. Processes that normally happen out of sight inside ducts and vessels become visible in an unforgettable first-hand experience.

Training sessions using our reactor glass model are on offer for national and international audiences from a wide range of fields. Primarily, our trainings and classes address licensed operators of nuclear power plants from Germany and around the world. Other customers include professionals and Trainees from related disciplines and institutions, such as:

  • specialists from operating departments
  • non-licensed operating staff
  • government agencies and supervisory organizations
  • students of technical or natural sciences

We are happy to arrange an individual Curriculum of selected exercises relevant to your specific type of plant. The effects visualized by the reactor glass model do not exclusively occur in only one type of reactor. Power plants using boiling water reactors have also used our reactor glass model, appreciating the vivid demonstrations of complex phenomena. We can create exercises and training content for any type of reactor by exemplifying operational procedures from your power plant.

Contact us to learn more about the many exciting training opportunities offered by our reactor glass model!