Distribution relationship with GSE Performance Solutions, Inc.

January 16, 2017

After successful negotiations, the Simulator Center of KSG|GfS and GSE Performance Solutions, Inc. are happy to announce that a distribution relationship has been forged between the two parties.

The power plant simulation business in Europe is a highly competitive market. The portion of renewable power generation of the total power generation is expected to increase in the near future, leading to an even more competitive market. GSE Performance Solutions Inc., is a worldwide supplier of power plant simulation solutions and desires to expand the sale and maintenance of its simulation technology in Europe., The Simulator Center of KSG|GfS, as one of the world largest operators of power plant simulators with several decades of simulator maintenance experience, desires to apply its expertise in the upgrade and maintenance of power plants in Europe. Together the Parties agree that an advanced cooperation based on a distribution relationship is suitable to address the challenge of the European power plant simulation business.

Both parties are looking back on a long history, as GSE delivered 3 full scope simulators to KSG in the 90s, which have been maintained by KSG since then. GSE has also assisted the Simulator Center in multiple projects, like the new build of the D45- and D46-simulators and the replacement of the core and thermohydraulic-models with the engineering-grade models S3R and RELAP5-HD .

The Simulator Center of KSG|GfS is looking forward to an ongoing positive and successful cooperation with GSE Performance Solutions, Inc.