KSG celebrated 20th Anniversary of the D41-Simulator

September 1, 2016

On 30 August 2016 the simulator center of KSG | GfS celebrated the 20th anniversary of the readiness for training of the D41 simulator, which was originally designed for the convoy power plants Emsland, Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2.

The construction of the simulator had been commissioned alongside other simulators of the D40-series in October 1992 and was carried out in Columbia, Maryland, USA. After completion of factory testing in February 1996, the D41 was dismantled and transported to Essen, where the readiness for training was declared on 30 August, 1996. Even today, some of the simulator instructors who accompanied the project coordination of the simulator development, are still active in the training of power plant staff.

The simulator used for simulator training exactly reflects the appearance as well as the technical, physical and temporal behaviour of both nuclear power plants KKE and GKN2. Since 2007 the training operation for the plant Isar 2 has been performed on the D45 simulator. At the simulators the responsible shift personnel encounter the same working conditions and requirements as they would or could occur in reality when operating and monitoring the plant. Thus the simulator training is still a central component for obtaining and sustainably preserving the officially prescribed technical qualification of the licensed shift personnel.