KINGS professors visit Reactor Glass Model

January 18, 2018

From 08th – 12th January 2018, a workshop with guests of the “KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School” (KINGS) took place on our unique Reactor Glass Model. KEPCO is the state-owned utility company of South Korea. KINGS trains future nuclear professionals up to undergraduate and graduate degrees, also with a view to the international commercialization of the APR-1400, the Korean reactor type, which is used e.g. in Barakah (UAE).

Professor Jung and Assistant Professor Diab traveled to Essen to explore opportunities of involving the Glass Model in nuclear education at KINGS. Over three days, most of the thermodynamic and thermohydraulic effects were presented and discussed intensely. In addition to that, the new practical Human Performance Optimization (HPO) training facilities were visited as part of the workshop

As a conclusion to his visit, Professor Jung confirmed that KINGS is interested in a long-term collaboration with the Simulator Centre. Assistant Professor Diab is working on a “hands-on training material” for training in thermo-hydraulics, to which our glass model may contribute as a hands-on training element, e.g. as a model system for thermodynamic relationships.

It was a pleasure for us to welcome Professor Jung and Professor Diab as our guests. We are highly interested in intensifying our collaboration and look forward to exciting joint projects.

Photo: Glass Model Instructor Frieder Hecker, Assistant Professor Aya Diab, Professor J.C. Jung, Glass Model Product Manager Patrick Poeten