Workshop about Control Room Design

April 7, 2017

On 14 and 15 March a workshop about control room design, plant supervision and action strategies during event sequences took place at the Simulator Center of KSG|GfS in Essen.

Five AREVA-Employees from the HFE and Control Room Design Department (Germany, Erlangen) participated in this workshop, as part of the AREVA HMI-Designer Training program (TÜV Cert.).

As control room design and nuclear power plant operations are tightly connected, also basic concepts about normal operations and incident/accident scenarios were taught at the simulators of the Simulator Center of KSG|GfS.

Besides the theoretical elements of the workshop several power plant control rooms in the Simulator Center of KSG|GfS, the HPO-training facility, which is used for Human Factors training, and the world-wide unique Reactor Glass Model were visited.

The Feedback of all participants was very positive.

During Fall of this year another Workshop with the AREVA-Employees is planned, where the participants shall handle power plant incidents and accidents on their own at the simulator.

Photo | © Bernhard Ludewig